This website enables you to quickly activate your perpetual licenses for HYCU products.

If you are requesting license activation for the first time, read the 'Licensing Principles' section first, to familiarize with the subject matter. Otherwise, skip to the 'Licensing Procedure' section.

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Licensing principles

To activate your monitoring product for use, you must obtain a valid license activation file for every system (cluster node) that you plan to monitor. Each license activation file is system specific and therefore cannot be applied on any other system.

The licensing process phases are as follows:
1. Installation of the product on the system that hosts the base monitoring platform.
2. Configuration of the product.
3. Generation of a product license request file and its upload to the Licensing Portal.
4. Reception of a license activation file by email.
5. Copying of the activation file to a specific location on the system that hosts the product.

Licensing Procedure

To cover perpetual licensing of your product, follow the steps below.

1. Create a user account for the Licensing Portal

If you do not have a user account for the Licensing Portal yet, perform actions specified in this step. Else skip to the next step.

Click Create an account at the bottom of this webpage, enter mandatory personal information, and then click Create. You should shortly receive a web hyperlink and your account activation code by email. Use the hyperlink to open the activation webpage, enter the activation code, and click Activate. You should receive confirmation email with your account information shortly afterwards.

2. Generate a product license request file

For instructions on this step, see the product documentation. For example, you may find the instructions in the Installation and Configuration or Product Licensing chapter of the User Guide.

3. Sign in to your account

Click Sign at the bottom of this webpage, enter your user account credentials, and then click Sign in again.

4. Upload the license request file and generate the license activation file

Choose the Perpetual Licenses or Software Evaluation Licenses link, upload the license request file, and click Send Request.

NOTE: To access the website where perpetual license activation file is generated, you need your product’s purchase order (PO) number.

Our automated system will process the license request file and send you the license activation file by email shortly afterwards.

5. Copy the license activation file to appropriate location

Find the location where the license activation file should be copied in the licensing-related context in the product documentation.

Please, make your selection.

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TIP: Should you need assistance with using this website or with license activation, deactivation, or redesignation procedures, please contact HYCU Customer Support at support@hycu.com.